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How Growing Up On A Farm As
1 Of 18 Kids In Maine Made Me
Your New Favorite Sunroom Builder.

I grew up on a farm as 1 of 18 children—10 boys and 8 girls. And when I say “farm,” I mean a genuine, authentic farm. As in, my-mom-would-ring-a-dinner-bell-when-it-was-time-to-eat type of farm.

Sure, my upbringing was a little different than the norm. But I believe that’s exactly why I have such strong values today.

My parents made sure all 18 of us had a specific role to play in maintaining the farm. Not only did this keep our farm running smoothly, but it also taught me and my siblings some valuable lessons: Do the job right. Pull your own weight. Work as a team.

Sure, we kids had our fair share of spats just like any other loving siblings do. But it was amazing (almost eerie, really) how well we always pulled together and worked with each other to maintain the farm.

Being taught the values of responsibility, teamwork, self-sufficiency, honesty, and integrity at a young age is why all of my siblings and I are all successful in our careers today. And it’s why I bring such dedication, hard work, and strong values to Signature Specialty Contractors of Riverview, FL.

As for my parents? They’re still together. They still live on our farm. And mom still rings the dinner bell when it’s time to eat.


John Spieldenner
Co-Owner/Production Manager