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4 Safety Reasons to Look Into Pool Enclosures

September 30, 2016.

Riverview fl pool enclosures

You probably enjoy a nice dip in your pool every once in a while. Whether you swim all year long or only during the summer, you should really look into Riverview, FL pool enclosures to keep yours safe. There are several reasons why this is recommended, and you should purchase one before the next swimming season rolls around to take advantage of all the perks.

1. Control Access

A main reason why you want to install a perimeter around your pool is so that you can control who is allowed in. If you have children, then this is crucial. You do not want kids who are still learning to swim to get inside your pool. It is also good for any neighbors you have who might be tempted to hop the fence and take a quick dip in your pool while you are away.

2. Keep Bugs Away

A variety of insects likely make your home in Florida their home as well. Some bugs you are probably familiar with include:


Horse flies



Mosquitoes in particular are big pests who tend to stick around standing water. Swim in peace by keeping insects at arms length.

3. Avoid UV Rays

You might be swimming in your pool for more than an hour. That is a long time to be exposed to the sun, but with a high-quality pool enclosure, UV rays are reflected. Wearing sunscreen is always recommended no matter what, but having an enclosure serves as an extra layer of protection you are afforded.

4. Keep Debris Out

Branches, leaves and other debris can fall into your pool. This is annoying because you need to remove them manually. You can keep them out entirely with an enclosure.

If you are looking through Riverview, FL pool enclosures, then consider getting one installed from Signature Specialty. You will not be disappointed at the results.