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March 29, 2017.

concrete contractors Riverview FL

Curb appeal is important to the value of any home, but what if your curbs have lost their appeal? You can talk to one of the concrete contractors in Riverview FL to replace your dirty, cracked driveway, patio, or sidewalks to improve the look of your homes exterior. If you are going to take that step, you may want to consider some of the decorative options you can add to your concrete surfaces.

Style and Flair

Decorative concrete can add some real pizzazz to your home. Instead of the traditional gray color, you can have subtle color added for a one-of-a-kind look. You can also go beyond a smooth, flat surface. Other options you can incorporate include:

Stenciled patterns

Stamped designs

Stained finishes

Overlays on existing concrete

Textured aggregate

You may be surprised at how much choice you have in the way your concrete can look.

Bang for Your Buck

Concrete contractors in Riverview FL can tell you that concrete is an incredibly affordable way to increase your homes value. For example, replacing your patio with tile or natural stone can take up your whole remodeling budget. Decorative concrete can achieve a similar look at a lower price point. With the added durability, you can see how concrete may be the more practical choice.

Easy Street

You may not even need to have your old concrete demolished. Concrete contractors in Riverview FL can work with overlay techniques to improve or enhance your current surfaces. That can translate to less mess or time for homeowners who want results quickly.

You can use any of these decorative concrete ideas to update your driveway and sidewalks, but you can take it a step further to remodel your patio, screened porch floor, or pool deck. Do a little research to see what features and finishes can work for your home, and then get creative! When you are ready to sell your home, you have the added advantage of true curb appeal with upgraded concrete surfaces.