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How to Liven Up a Concrete Floor

October 05, 2016.

concrete contractors in riverviewfl

Sunrooms, screen rooms and pool cages can all benefit from concrete flooring. This material is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. It is also very affordable, especially with good concrete contractors in Riverview, FL. Once you get your concrete placed, you can spruce it up with different design options.

The easiest way to make your concrete flooring come alive is by painting it. Wash it, then sand and vacuum it. Before you apply the primer, you will want to fill in any holes and cracks. Apply two coats, and allow the floor to dry in between each coat. Next comes the fun part: applying the paint. The color options are limitless. You can choose something simple and elegant, or you can make your floor pop with color with something brighter. Once, you have applied two coats of paint, use masonry sealer.

Concrete contractors in Riverview, FL also often provide concrete work before a homeowner tiles the floor. Tile is currently a very popular material and comes in many different patterns and forms. You can choose a traditional route, in which the floor is tiled with individual squares, or you can use intricate patterns. Choose something dark to create a sophisticated ambiance, or select a brighter tile to match livelier decor.

When you paint or tile your concrete, you bring your outdoor space to life. Unlike other types of materials, this type of flooring can stand up against harsh weather or frequent footfalls. The right concrete contractors in Riverview, FL sell their customers quality concrete that can withstand the test of time. They expertly install the concrete just where you want it, while painstakingly making sure every corner is covered. The thorough job allows homeowners to accentuate their flooring just as they like. Whether you choose paint, tile, or leave your concrete just as it is, you will be happy with your long-term investment.