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Consider a Custom Built Screen Room for Alfresco Dining

Posted on January 29, 2016.

custom built screen room riverview fl

Do you love alfresco dining or outdoor entertaining? The most comfortable place to enjoy an outdoor meal with family or friends is inside a custom built screen room in Riverview, FL. Whether your table is cozy with just a few family members gathered around, or expansive for entertaining, a patio enclosure can make your outdoor meals comfortable and memorable.

While it can be relaxing to feel a gentle breeze and the warm outdoor air while you lounge on the patio, most people like a little shade over their table during an outdoor meal. With a custom built screen room in Riverview, FL, your patio can offer shade and protection from the sun's UV rays all year round. Diners are much more likely to linger over conversation after a meal if there is shade over the eating area.

An enclosed outdoor dining area also ensures that the only guests that gather around your table are those who were actually invited. Flies, wasps and other insects are problems of the past with a screen room. An enclosure also keeps wildlife, such as deer and raccoons, and neighborhood pets away from your dining area and furniture.

The patio is a great place for potted plants, hobby gardening, and other decorations. Many species thrive in the partially-shaded setting of a screened patio. You can make your dining room an oasis of greenery when you offer your plants partial protection from the sun and wind in a screen room.

Décor, furniture and plush seating enjoys a longer life when located in a shady, custom built screen room in Riverview FL. A well-built room can withstand the unpredictable elements, and is a great place to store furniture and other patio décor to keep it looking nice for many years. You can create a comfortable, beautiful dining space, away from pests and heat, with a screen room.