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Five Reasons to Consider Installing a Screen Room

Posted on December 16, 2015.

Pool Enclosure

Some of the best parts of family living happen on the porch or patio. One way to make the space more versatile, enjoyable and valuable is to add a screen room. An expert screen room contractor can help you design an addition that fits your needs and lifestyle.Consider the following reasons to install add a screen room to your home:

1. Expands Al Fresco Dining

Whether sipping cool glasses of iced tea in the afternoon, or serving a killer Sunday brunch, a screen room is the perfect setting for outdoor eating.It keeps the bugs at bay, provides shade, all while still giving that open-air ambiance.

2. Provides Temperature Buffer

A screen room can act as an insulator for your home, by buffering it from heat in the summer and chilly winds in the winter.Decreased utility bills, along with increased indoor comfort are great benefits of having this space between your walls and the elements.

3. Adds a Spare Room

In mild climates, such as Riverview, Florida, many homeowners hire a screen room contractor to build an addition that can double as a spare bedroom in pleasant weather. Guests or family members can enjoy the peace of a night outdoors, while still relishing in a comfortable bed.Sofa-sleeper couches work well in these applications.

4. Increases Home Value

Like many home improvement projects, adding a screen room increases the value of your home.It may also make the residence more marketable to potential buyers by setting it apart from the competition

5. Provides a Place to Connect With the Outdoors

In the modern technological world of schedules and smartphones, finding time to spend outdoors can be tricky. Carving out a space in your own yard ensures that, even if time is in short supply, you've got a comfortable place to spend some time appreciating the beauty of the outdoors.Finding a screen room contractor is the first step to enjoying your yard and home more fully.