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The Many Uses of Screen Rooms

Posted on July 31, 2015.

Pool Enclosure

In Riverview, FL, screen rooms can be a great way to add square footage to your home without going to a huge expense. As an added bonus, a porch enclosure can allow you to feel close to nature without being bothered by the outdoor elements. Bugs and rainy days do not have to be deterrents to outdoor activities! With a screened-in porch you can be outside in full view of nature's beauty without having to feel its wrath.

A Screened in Porch as an Eating Area

Many new homes are being built without formal spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms. Today's living standards are much more informal and rooms such as these often stand underused. If you like to entertain, however, a second eating area is often convenient to add the seating needed to accommodate your guests. For residents in Riverview, FL, screen rooms can provide this space in an informal manner. With screens, your porch will become a great place for guest to gather and enjoy the cool night breezes along with good conversation around the table.

Enclosing Your Porch for a Living Area

Today's living spaces are often dominated by electronics. When you move outdoors, however, many of these distractions are removed. Families are experiencing the benefits of a screened outdoor living area at record rates. Additionally, technological improvements in screening, outdoor fabrics and furniture, and heating and cooling features can make your screened-in space available for use in this warm climate for up to three seasons.

Building the Right Space

When you are ready to start an enclosed porch project, it may be tempting to try to do it yourself. While being handy is a good trait, your skills might not best be used in this arena. Professionals are able to ascertain the needs for drainage and erect the best structure for your specific location.

In climates like Riverview, FL, screen rooms are subjected to quite a bit of moisture. This means that your structure has to be protected in order for it to become a long lasting addition to your home. Start your research today and begin enjoying your enclosed porch without delay!