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Three Reasons Why Concrete is Superior

July 27, 2016.

river view fl concrete contractors

Concrete has been used for centuries. It has enabled the Romans to build the dome for the Pantheon, and provided a strong and durable material to build the Hoover Dam. Today, River View FL concrete contractors install premium walkways, sunrooms, and pool cage surfaces made of concrete for discriminating clients. Here are three reasons why concrete is the superior choice for hard surfaces with superior staying power.


Some of the hardest materials on Earth are used in concrete. Stone, sand, and concrete mix compound combine with water to make concrete. It has a high compressive strength, which makes it ideal for driveways. After it is poured, concrete gets stronger over time. For residential use, concrete can withstand between 2000 and 4000 pounds per square inch.


Concrete pavement remains solid under any temperature, unlike asphalt which can become pliable and then bubble and sink under high temperatures. Concrete does not need maintenance and can last for decades, while asphalt needs frequent maintenance to maintain its function. A concrete installation by River View FL concrete contractors can be made even more durable by reinforcing it with metal rods.

A Green Choice

The manufacturing process of concrete does not create any toxic byproducts. The natural resources that concrete is made from can be kept out of landfills by being recycled and used again. Concrete's light reflectiveness keeps surfaces cooler and can even mitigate the heat island affect in urban settings from surfaces such as asphalt. The thermal mass of concrete helps facilitate energy efficiency all year by limiting the air leaked out of a structure and minimizing indoor temperature changes from the weather outside.

River View FL Concrete contractors can show you the ways concrete can be used to enhance your property. With superior lifespan, strength, and good looks, concrete can be the material for your next paving project.