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Unique Ways to Use Concrete In Your Home

June 15, 2016.

river view fl concrete contractors

When you mention concrete, few of us think of our homes. This durable stone building material is mostly associated with roadways. But believe it or not, concrete has plenty of practical and even trendy uses in modern homes. We know, we know - concrete in the house sounds cold and uninviting. But as any River View Fl concrete contractors can tell you, concrete has been reinvented to create warm, inviting spaces that are easy to clean and long-lasting.

Concrete floors might sound downright institutional, but these floors are actually growing in popularity among families looking for affordability and versatility with high style. High-gloss, stained concrete in warm mahoganies, rich reds or any number of colors, concrete floors are low-maintenance and can give your home a touch of elegance at a low price.

Move over granite! In the kitchen, polished concrete is becoming a darling for countertops that are attractive, versatile and high-performance. Concrete's natural qualities such as being water resistant, make it a natural favorite in spill-prone kitchens. And with a variety of treatments available to change the tint, tone and finish of your concrete, it's just as versatile as granite and costs much less - just ask your local River View FL concrete contractors.

Decorative concrete encompasses even more options. There's stamped concrete, which lets you recreate the look of other, more expensive stones, for half the cost. Create a faux brick fireplace, a mock slate barbeque pit with less cost and longer staying power. You can even recreate a wood texture! Or consider stenciled concrete for elaborate backsplashes and floors you'd swear are Italian tile.

Recent years have seen a major makeover of concrete, from sterile industrial material to high-style, modern must-have. Join the wave and make your home more durable in the process. Contact River View Fl concrete contractors to learn how concrete can transform your home.