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Frequently Asked Questions
About Sunrooms


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Why Should I Choose Signature Specialty For My Sunroom Project?

We create you a fully custom-built sunroom in Riverview, FL and the surrounding areas. Our specialized sunroom craftsmen will build you a fantastic sunroom no matter your style, needs, and budget. And your experience will be pleasant because we’re respectful and always do the right thing.

Do Your Sunrooms Come From A Kit Or Are They Custom Made?

All of our sunroom additions for Riverview, FL are custom made on site. Pre-assembled sunrooms look cheap, feel cheap, and don’t last very long. We take a “quality-first, quality-always” approach to projects, so we don’t even consider pre-assembled sunrooms an option. We design and build sunrooms to last for life. Period.

Will My Sunrooms Conform To Florida Building Codes And Wind Laws?

Florida is one of the pickiest states when it comes to building sunrooms. Different areas have different building codes, different wind laws, etc. So what may be permissible in one city may not be in the next city over. Luckily, we’re one of the most knowledgeable and experienced sunroom builders in the state. We build every sunroom to adhere to Florida laws and individual city laws.

How Much Do Your Sunrooms Cost?

We can build you the exact same superior sunroom (and, oftentimes, better) as larger companies for a much lower price because of our low overhead. On the flipside, we’re a little more expensive than the companies that “build” pre-assembled, from-a-kit sunrooms. So you can say our sunrooms for Riverview, FL and the surrounding areas are in the middle in terms of price range—and just a flat-out great value for the money.

How Long Is Your Sunroom Warranty?

All of our sunroom materials come with lengthy manufacturer warranties. In addition, we offer a 2-year labor warranty, which is double that of the industry standard.

Who Will Actually Build And Install My Sunroom?

We have a specialized, experienced, sunroom crew that will build your project. Our craftsmen have decades of combined experience and will build your Riverview, FL-area sunroom with our specifications. You will also have a dedicated Superintendent overseeing your project at all times to ensure pristine quality.

How Long Will It Take For You To Build My Sunroom?

We custom-build every sunroom for Riverview, FL and surrounding areas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we take longer. We build your sunroom with a sense of urgency, so it’s done on time AND with the highest quality. Many of our customers are actually surprised at how quickly we can finish their sunrooms, considering we custom-build every part.

Do You Provide Free Sunroom Estimates?

Yes. Our estimates are 100% education, 0% solicitation. We provide you with a fair, firm quote and always suggest the best solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule an estimate.