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The Most Important Thing
In The World To Me Is Family.

It’s Why I Value Building Relationships Over Building A Bank Account.

It’s Why I Respect Every Signature Specialty
Team Member’s Hard Work And Effort.

And It’s Why Our Customers Often Become Our Lifelong Friends.

The value of family was ingrained in me as a child. I am one of five children, and my parents always taught me and my siblings that things are done as a team. To work together while learning self sufficiency and responsibility. And to pull your own weight, but always lend a helping hand to a teammate.

Being raised with these values greatly helped me when I started Signature Specialty Contractors of Riverview, FL. As a business owner, I value relationships with customers more than I value money. That sounds like something every company says to appear genuine. But for me, it’s true. Customers want to be treated with respect—especially from a company they hire for a big project like a sunroom. I believe that if you treat people right, the business naturally follows.

My sense of hospitality and treating people like family also rooted in my restaurant-management experience in the 1990s. If you’ve ever had a job that involves working with the public, you quickly appreciate the value of “Golden-Rule” treatment. Working in customer service gives you a greater sense of empathy, and makes you want to be a people pleaser. It makes you think, “If I were a customer here, how would I want to be treated?”

And that’s been my attitude since the first day I opened Signature Specialty: Treat people the way they want to be treated. Treat people—both employees and customer alike—like family. All the rest will fall into place.


Michael Gigante