Beautiful Pool Enclosures
Panoramic openings for unobstructed views.

Custom Screen Rooms
Numerous options, your style.

Completely Customized, Gorgeous Sunrooms.
Not From A Kit. No Pre-Fab Parts. Period.

All Sun, All The Time.
All screen enclosures.

Meet The Sunroom & Outdoor Company That Believes
In Doing What’s Right Over Doing What’s Easiest.

We Treat You With “The Golden Rule” Level Of Respect.
We Build Your Project With World-Class Craftsmanship.
We Forbid Any & All Sales Pressure.

Corner Cutting? Lack Of Communication? Pricing Games?
At Signature Specialty, They Don’t Exist.

There are two ways to build a sunroom or outdoor project: The right way… and the wrong way.

Unfortunately, many contractors in Florida prefer the wrong way. Not because they’re bad people. But because the “right way” is sometimes harder and less profitable. It’s simply easier to cut corners, install cheap materials, and provide poor customer service.

We’re different. While many Florida contractors handle a project the wrong way, we always do it right. Here’s how:


The Wrong Way: Because of strict Florida building laws, our state has one of the highest rates of illegal/under-licensed contractors. This means many contractors you get a quote from will probably cut corners, install cheap products, hire inexperienced subcontractors, and skimp on pulling the proper permits.

The Right Way (Our Way): We’re fully licensed, insured, and know Florida building laws inside and out. We insist on only time-tested, meticulous craftsmanship and have experienced, specialized crews for every service we offer. This GUARANTEES true experts build your project.

Meet The Contractor,

Mike Gigante.

In 2006, Mike started Signature Specialty on the foundation of honesty, integrity, and doing things the right way. See how this has made Signature Specialty the undisputed champion of sunrooms and outdoor projects.


When Mike was young, his parents taught him the importance of forging bonds with others. Mike remembered this lesson, which is why Signature Specialty values customer relationships over profit.

Read Mike’s Story…


The Wrong Way: Tales of bad customer service in the home-improvement industry are legendary. Many contractors lack respect for your home, are hard to reach, and have zero communication skills.

The Right Way (Our Way): We constantly update you on your project’s status, are always available when you need us, and treat your home with the same respect we reserve for our own.


The Wrong Way: Many contractors play pricing games, conduct 3-hour sales meetings, and apply enough sales pressure to test even Gandhi’s patience.

The Right Way (Our Way): We give a firm, fair price upfront with zero sales pressure. Our estimates take only about 30 minutes, and we encourage you to do your research before making a decision. (Refreshing!)

Doing what’s right comes natural to us. If this sounds like the kind of contractor you want building your sunroom or working on your outdoor project, contact us today. We would be honored to provide you with a quote.