When It Comes To Deciding Between What’s Right & What’s Easy…
Well, It’s Not Even A Choice For Us.

Doing The Right Thing Wins Out Every Time.


At Signature Specialty, we’re “hardwired” to do the right thing. It’s ingrained in us. It’s how we were raised.

Unfortunately, a lot of contractors in Florida prefer doing what’s easy over what’s right. Not that we’re putting ourselves on a pedestal. But even the Better Business Bureau says that contractors are one of the most complained-about industries in America. And a major news source just put out an article that says home improvement is one of the most scam-prone trades in the country.

So, yeah… the “right thing” and contractors don’t usually mix.

That’s why it’s so important to find a sunroom contractor in Riverview, FL you can trust to do the right thing—even if no one is looking. A contractor who has YOUR best interests at heart and never does what’s easy over what’s right.

Here are a few examples of the difference between what’s easy (how many contractors do things) and what’s right (the way we do things) in the home-improvement industry to show you what we mean:

What’s Easy: Skimping on pulling the proper permits and neglecting Florida’s wind-zone laws. (This happens way too often because the state of Florida is so fussy about its building codes.)

What’s Right: Pulling all permits for the customer. And adhering to all of Florida’s strict wind laws and building codes to ensure a project that’s done legally.

What’s Easy: Performing work without the proper licensing and insurance. (Again, a way too common occurrence in Florida because of the rigid building laws and requirements.)

What’s Right: Being fully licensed and insured to provide the best building practices and to protect the homeowner in case of an accident.

What’s Easy: Paying inexperienced, non-certified subcontractors a low wage to work on customers’ projects.

What’s Right: Hiring only trained-and-certified craftsmen and paying them a good wage for quality work. Because if a company doesn’t care about its workers, it probably doesn’t care much about your project.

Choosing what’s right over what’s easy is just natural to us. Honestly, we don’t know how to handle your project any other way. If that sounds like the kind of sunroom contractor in Riverview, FL you want working on your project, contact us today for a zero-pressure, zero-cost consultation. Also be sure to check out the links below for more reasons as to why you should hire us.


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