Enjoy The Outdoors (Without The Bugs!)
With A Beautiful, Handcrafted,
Heavy-Duty Screen Room.

Screen room bronze kick plate pavers

Our Quality Craftsmanship & Dedication To Detail Ensures A Smooth Project, Tremendous Bang For Your Buck, And A Screen Room That Lasts For Life.

We’ll be honest with you: When it comes to screen rooms, most contractors use basically the same products—including us. The truth is that you are not going to find much difference in the quality of materials, no matter how many contractors you receive a quote from. (And any contractor who tells you otherwise is just plain lying.)

So why not just go with the contractor who quotes you the lowest price? After all, we all use basically the same materials, right?

Here’s why you should avoid “going cheap”: While many contractors do use the same materials, it’s how they work with those materials that makes the difference. Put the parts to build a BMW in the hands of a professional automotive engineer. Then put the exact same parts in the hands of an armchair mechanic. You’re going to get two very difference results in terms of quality.

It’s the same with screen rooms. Put the same materials in two different contractors’ hands with different skill levels, and you’ll get two very different results. To use the BMW analogy above, we’re the experts, while many other contractors in Florida are (unfortunately) armchair amateurs.

But when we build your screen room, we don’t just comply with the state’s wind-zone standards—we flat-out surpass them. However much wind protection the law in your area requires your project to have, we’ll exceed it. Why? Because you can never have too much protection while living in our unpredictable Florida elements.

We perform extra steps like these to add durability, longevity, and quality to your screen room that not many other contractors out there are providing. This is part of what makes us the biggest bang for your buck. Honestly, we’re rarely the cheapest. We’re completely open about that. But there’s a BIG, BIG, BIG difference between getting a cheap price and getting value for your money.

If we sound like the kind of contractor you want building your screen room, contact us today. We would be honored to discuss your project with you in person and provide you with an iron-clad estimate during a no-pressure, no-cost consultation.