You Love Your Pool. Unfortunately, So Do Insects.

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Our Pool Enclosures Keep Out Pesky Bugs & Debris,
While Letting In The Florida Warmth & Sun.

Picture this: Enjoying those sunny days, starlit nights, and balmy breezes in your pool—completely free from pesky insects and debris.

With a Riverview, FL pool enclosure from Signature Specialty, you can retain all the good elements an outdoor pool provides (sunshine, warmth, fresh air)… with none of the no-so-great aspects that often come with it (bugs and debris).

Think of a pool enclosure as a bouncer at a nightclub. Wasps, moths, horse flies, mosquitoes—whatever flying creepy-crawly thing you don’t want in or around your pool loses its “VIP access.”

Enjoy Your Swimming Pool More. Substantially
Cut Your Spending On Upkeep. Win-Win.

An enclosed pool is a clean pool. No floating dead bugs. No pesky leaves. Nowhere near as much upkeep on your part. You’ll enjoy your pool more, while also significantly cut your costs on expensive pool-maintenance products.

And not only does a pool enclosure near Riverview, FL save you a ton of money on upkeep, it also increases the value of your home. Take a look at our Pool Enclosure Gallery or the pictures on this page. You’ll see just how beautiful our Pool Enclosures are. Just imagine how much value one can add to YOUR home.

The Toughest, Longest-Lasting, Most
Hurricane-Resistant Materials On The Market.

Our custom-made pool enclosures for Riverview, FL and surrounding areas are built with heavy-duty aluminum that meets the most stringent Florida building codes. And we never use pre-built products—everything we build for you is done on site to ensure it fits perfectly and is exactly what you imagined.

Interested In Knowing More About A Pool Enclosure?
Here’s What To Do Now.

If you’d like to know more about our pool enclosures and how they can benefit you, contact us today. We are a pool-enclosure contractor in Riverview, FL that will provide a zero-pressure consultation and figure out what works best for your needs and budget. We would be honored to discuss your Pool-Enclosure project with you in person.