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We build fully customized, high-end sunrooms from the ground up. Beautiful. Limitless options. Pristine quality. Lasts for life. YOUR perfect sunroom awaits you.

Screen Rooms

Enjoy the outdoors—without the bugs!—with a beautiful, hand-crafted, heavy-duty screen room.

Pool Enclosures

You love your pool. Unfortunately, so do insects. An ultra-durable pool enclosure keeps out the bugs, lets in the sunshine, and greatly boosts the value of your property.

Concrete / Brick Pavers

We provide superior concrete and brick paver work for any type of screen or sunroom project you need. Concrete, brick pavers, or patios, we can provide it with pristine workmanship, zero sales pressure, and fair, iron-clad pricing.


Our experts at Lyon Financial can help match you with the right finance options for your backyard project.


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