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Introducing The Champions
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How Two High-School Friends Became Titans Of The Sunroom Industry…

… And Built The Most Honest, Upstanding,
Customer-Friendly Remodeling Company In Florida.


Let’s be honest…

Michael Jordan would still be the best basketball player of all time without Scottie Pippen on his team. And Fox Mulder would probably still be the best X-Files paranormal-crime solver without help from Detective Dana Scully.

But while Jordan and Mulder are great by themselves… they become legendary when team up with an equally talented and committed partner.

Oddly enough, the same thing applies here at Signature Specialty Contractors of Riverview, FL. Co-Owners Mike Gigante & John Spieldenner are the “Jordan & Pippen” of the sunroom industry.

By themselves, Mike and John could each build and manage a successful sunroom company. But by working together, they have created the highest-rated, most-decorated, most-trusted sunroom & outdoor company in Florida.

Here’s why: As lifelong friends, Mike and John have forged a relationship based on similar values—namely, treating people with respect and always doing things the right way. Since they were raised with similar values, starting a company together—a company based on honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing—was easy.

The result? They both play the “Jordan & Pippen” roles equally to make Signature Specialty a company that offers spectacular service, renowned installation, and the world’s best outdoor products. Mike handles the accounting and front-end details; John handles the production. This ensures Signature Specialty Contractors of Riverview, FL is a company that does everything the right way.

Read Mike’s and John’s stories below to see how their lifelong friendship has helped made Signature Specialty the go-to company for sunrooms and outdoor projects.

Mike’s Story

Mike is the Co-Owner and Accounts Manager at Signature Specialty. As a child, he was instilled with a strong set of values he has now brought to Signature Specialty. Read Mike’s Story…

John’s Story

John is the Co-Owner and Production Manager of Signature Specialty… and grew up on a farm as 1 of 18 children. Read John’s Story…